Fellowship Application Process


A formal letter applying for a fellowhip position should be submitted along with three letters of reference directly to
Dr. Peter L Munk at the Department of Radiology, Vancouver General Hospital. Candidates are then selected for interviews. We are currently accepting applications for the 2016/2017 session. Application deadline: August 31, 2014

Complete details of the musculoskeletal fellowship program can be viewed here.


Current Fellows




Previous Fellows


Dr. Brathaban Rajayogeswaran - UK. 2013-2014

Dr. Neal Chhaya - UK. 2013-2014

Dr. Chou Hong - Singapore. 2012-2013

Dr. Clemens Reisinger - Germany. 2012-2013

Dr. Paul Mallinson - UK. 2012-2013

Dr. Jeff Korzan - Canada. 2012-2013

Dr. Darra Murphy - Ireland. 2012-2013

Dr. Rikin Hargunani - U.K. 2011-2011

Dr. Khalid Khashoggi - Saudi Arabia. 2010-2011

Dr. Thomas Le Corroler - France. 2010-2011

Dr. Mulvey Kelly - New Zealand. 2009-2010

Dr. Ian Wong - Canada. 2009-2010

Dr. Binh Quoc Huy Le, Canada. 2008-2009

Dr. Steven Lee, Australia. 2008-2009

Dr. Abdulrahman Alhathlol, Saudi Arabia. 2007-2008

Dr. Owen Chiu, Australia. 2007-2008

Dr. Faisal Rashid, Australia. 2007-2008

Dr. Hussain Sharahili, Saudi Arabia. 2007-2008

Dr. Eric Heffernan, Ireland. 2006-2007

Dr. Fahad Alkubaidan, Saudi Arabi. 2006-2007

Dr. Paul O'Sullivan, Ireland. 2005-2006

Dr. Meshaal Al Shaalan, Saudi Arabia. 2005-2006

Dr. Salah Kary, Saudi Arabia. 2005-2006

Dr. Patricia Dunlop, Canada. 2005-2006

Dr. Helena O'Dwyer. Ireland. 2004-2005

Dr. Sheikh Mohammad Adnan. 2004-2005

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Heidous. Qatar. 2004-2005.

Dr. Saeed Saleh Emam Mohammed. Cairo, Egypt. 2003-2004

Dr. Anthony Ryan, Ireland. 2003-2004

Dr. Hema Choudur, Gandhi Medical College, India. 2003-2004

Dr. John Saliken, Calgary, Alberta. 2003

Dr. Kamis Al-Muzahmi, Muskat, Oman. 2002-2003

Dr Jay Sun, Vancouver, British Columbia. 2002

Dr. Ronan Ryan, Dublin, Ireland. 2002 -2003

Dr. Nizar Nakshibandi, Saudi Arabia. 2002-2003

Dr. Richard Gee, Auckland, New Zealand. 2001-2002

Dr. Lai-Peng Chan, Singapore. 2001-2002

Dr. Khalid Al-Ismail, Saudi Arabia. 2000-2001

Dr. William C Torreggiani, Dublin, Ireland. 2000-2001

Dr. Daniel WStruk, London, Ontario. 1999-2000

Dr. David F. Sallomi, London, England. Fellow Musculoskeletal. 1996-97

Dr. Nicholas Wambeek, Perth, Australia. 1998-99

Dr. Ranjeet Singh, Sydney, Australia. July-Sept 1997

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